UPS Systems

Oilfield UPS


A rugged rack mount UPS that can go anywhere with Global input voltages andfrequencies, and CE approval. Withstood sixty 2000 V rapid fire surges in CE testing.Allard worked with a Drilling Services company and with Intellipower to configure and CEqualify a UPS with the following:

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o Rack mount, ruggedized, with conformal coated printed circuit boards
o CE Certified, not export restricted
o Withstood 60 rapid fire 2000 V surges in CE tests
o 2 or 3 KVA (1400 or 2100 Watts output)
o Fully online, dual conversion UPS with Input isolation Transformer
o Output 120V + or - 3%, 60 HZ, 15 or 20A receptacles (freq. conversion available)
o Input 120V or 230V, both +15% to -25%, auto-sensed, 45-450 Hz, Power factorcorrection, standard 15 or 30 amp plug, adaptor for 120V or 230V plug
o Front accessible, user swappable batteries
o Hot battery swap (runs and conditions power without batteries)
o 95 - 120 lb. in metal case
o Slider rails and front / rear handles if desired
o Further customization possible, removing or adding features

Available through:
Allard Electronics
Tel. 1-281-440-8844 Fax 1-281-440-8846