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Oilfield Instrumentation

A UPS for Global Oilfields

Anywhere in the world, in spite of erratic generators and surging/sagging power, these rugged UPS systems will keep your data logging and analysis equipment working. Global input voltage, rack mount, 2 or 3 KVA.

Oilfield UPS

World Class Quality Instruments at competitive Prices

Allard Electronics is now a distributor for Waaree, India's largest ISO Certified Manufacturer and Exporter of Pressure Instruments, Temperature Instruments RTD's, Thermocouples, Thermo wells, Level Instruments and Allied Accessories. Brochures for some popular instruments:

Utility Pressure Gauge, Bourdon Type
All SS Pressure Gauge, Bourdon Type
All SS Pressure Gauge, Capsule Type
Polypropylene Pressure Gauge, Solid Front
All SS Pressure Gauge, Solid Front
Differential Pressure Gauge, Double Diaphragm
SS Case Test Gauge
Differential Pressure Gauge, Single Diaphragm
Differential Pressure Gauge, Piston Operated
Industrial Thermometer, Filled System
Industrial Thermometer, Bimetal
Diaphragm Seal, Slip Ring Coupled Type
Diaphragm Seal, Direct Coupled Type
Diaphragm Seal, Heavy Duuty Welded Type
Diaphragm Seal, Direct Coupled Type, Compact Design

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