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Toshiba Adjustable Speed Drives

Adjustable Speed Drives provide varying voltage and frequency to electric motors. They can save power in blower/pump applications by applying only the torque and speed necessary for an application, or by limiting current inrush during motor startup. They can also supply constant torque or constant speed for  mixing applications, or elevated starting torque for crushers or conveyors.

AES features Toshiba adjustable speed drives (ASDs, also called variable frequency drives or VFDs). They offer industrial strength construction, which shows up in high reliability, tolerance of severe environments, and long life. They provide versatile programming, and application specialized models. Brochures:

Low Voltage Drives

S11 Microdrive                                Smaller Jobs
Q7 Drive                                             HVAC
G7 Drive                                             Industrial Applications
W7 Drive                                            Water / Wastewater

Medium Voltage Drives

T300MViMedium Voltage Drive     Larger Jobs



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