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Background: On-Line UPS Systems

An on-line system's AC output is produced by an inverter that is powered by a DC reservoir. This reservoir draws on input AC power, or batteries, to stay well above the voltage needed. Either way, the output is the same, unaffected by relatively wide swings in input voltage or frequency. When input AC fails, there is no noisy switching or frequency shift in the output. This is why online UPS are superb power conditioners for computers, robotics, medical instruments, mass spectrometrs, and more.

True on-line battery backup – no unreliable or noisy switching.
IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors) used to support rapid current variation for non-linear loads (e.g., computer power supplies) while maintaining clean sine wave voltage, without requiring an oversize UPS.
Tolerance of wide variation in input voltage without battery draw, keeps brown-outs from discharging batteries and requiring shutdown.
High efficiency means introducing the UPS does not require increased power.
Long battery life is achieved via smart charging and limited battery run-down.
Low harmonic distortion of input prevents generator sync problems and interference with other equipment.
Frequency problems (e.g., with backup generators) are eliminated by tolerance of a wide range of input frequency while tightly controlling output frequency.
Available isolation transformers reject common-mode noise for sensitive equipment such as precision robotics.

 How much should you pay for a UPS?

The key factor is, what does it cost you to have down-time or lost data? If you service customers on line, whether through a terminal, the Internet, or broadcasting, your revenue may stop when your equipment goes down. If your data controls operations or payments, data loss may be costly. If your precision manufacturing equipment produces results that are dependent on quality input  power, poorly conditioned power may force you to junk some production. In any case, operational glitches due to power problems will result in wasted labor while equipment is down, and more labor later for recovery.

On line UPS systems provide the ultimate in protection against power problems and the severe financial losses they can cause. Two other cost factors:

Warranty - Most of our units carry on-site repair warranty including parts and batteries. All have sound warranty backing.

Sizing - Conservative on-line UPS design handles full rated power requirements and more, and does not require over sizing of transformers or generators. Many other UPS require over sizing of the UPS, transformers, and generators. This means extra expense for each over-sized item, plus higher power bills for the life of the equipment.

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